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You love to move, you have a regular training practice, anything from group fitness classes to crossFit to golf to cycling or running - Pilates can help do these activities better and more.  You may be starting to feel stiff when you get out of bed or have pain in your body and are looking for the best workout for painful knees, shoulders or hip flexors.

I know this totally sucks because I have personal experience working around lower back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain so I understand how frustrating it can be when you can't move your body the way that you want.

You may be in pain at the moment or have a complex history and know that you need to attend regularly to get to and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

You enjoy living, shopping and supporting the local community so we may have seen each other over a froth topped coffee or a glass of bubbles in Bulimba or surrounding establishments.

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About Me

I'm Elaine Simpson the founder and owner of Kensho Boutique Pilates and the one who brought together the values and concepts of Kensho's Personal Pilates Training.

I love high impact exercise, however, after a challenging few years of niggling injuries and my love of feeling strong I found Pilates.

Firstly in Brisbane 8 years ago in my local group reformer studio, continuing in Vietnam for two years where Pilates had just arrived therefore there was no equipment based sessions, only Mat.

I know the two years of Mat Pilates significantly improved my strength, mobility and posture. Now I'm back in Bulimba to share the tremendous benefit of Pilates training with you.

My passion is to help people who genuinely want to improve the way they move.  We will work together to create a continuing outcome of reduced pain, injury prevention and the confidence to move better.

I do this by sharing Pilates as a system, which ultimately means you will get MORE Pilates.

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The Kensho Way

Kensho is a Japanese term from the Zen tradition. Ken means “seeing”, sho means “nature, essence’. It is an initial awakening that translates beautifully into the Pilates principles and the awakening in your body as your practice of Pilates deepens and you become stronger in body and mind.

Pilates is a system not a piece of equipment, like the body is a system we will treat it holistically with what it needs and what you desire.

Client Feedback

Valentina Barcucci

Elaine is excellent as understanding what are her clients' needs and work with them to define long-term objectives. I have some nasty back problems, and she managed to adapt pilates exercises to my specific case and helped me address my needs.

What I especially appreciate of her way of working is her flexibility. Sometimes I come to the class in a rather bad shape. She can quickly reorganise the whole session from scratch, around my level of fitness on that specific day. Thank you Elaine!

Ruth Bowen

Elaine is an inspiring fitness motivator. Love her Pilates classes. She is great at tailoring to your level, without making it too easy!

Joan Hargrave

Elaine offers Pilates training conscientiously and effectively tailored to your profile. You laugh while you learn.

I'm in my 70's and Elaine helps me stay fit and somewhat flexible. Imagine what she can do for you!

Chrissy Boulden

Elaine is a fabulous Pilates Instructor! She really takes the time to research and devise the best programme for each individual person, taking into account injuries and skills. Having said that Elaine makes sure you are doing the movements correctly and to the best of your ability, gently pushing you to achieve just a little more while telling you to listen to your body.

Always encouraging with lots of variety and fun, Pilates with the Scottish Girl is a twice weekly event that I now look forward to.

Thuy Ca

Elaine is a fantastic person and teacher! Our lessons were always filled with laughter, "scooping the belly" and "tightening the belt". She knows a lot about how the body works, is very good at explaining it in a way that makes you understand what you're supposed to do or where you're supposed to feel what and provides the perfect amount of challenge in her lessons. Highly recommend joining her lessons!

Louise Simard

Elaine is a fantastic Pilates teacher, very knowledgeable about how the body works, and fun.

I have noticed a good change in my body, in my core and she gave me the willing to do it for a long, long time.

Pricing - Trial Offers

To keep things simple (because life is complicated enough), we are currently offering two trial packages for you to experience pilates the Kensho way.

Initial Consultation & 2X Private Pilates Sessions


Start here if you want to take Private or Duet sessions.  You may be recovering from injury, pregnant, not exercised in a while or experiencing pain.  You enjoy close supervision and support or have any other issues that you're just not sure about. This helps us to identify your specific needs and goals. We want you to be safe, comfortable and challenged doing Pilates, the best way to get all of those things is by getting to know you.

Introductory Unlimited* Online Classes


Head straight into group online classes if you are injury free, you are used to attending general fitness classes, you enjoy a challenge and are confident in your movement. We would like to have a chat with you before starting if you are new to Kensho Boutique Pilates.

*Introductory class offer is available for two weeks from the date of your first booking.

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"Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit."

Joseph Pilates

In case you're wondering...

I'm happy to answer any questions you have! Here's some I get asked frequently.

I recommend that you start with the Introductory Offer as the first session includes an Initial Consultation which will take you through the basics and give you some tips on how to best learn the movements. However, if you would like to attend the online group classes and have no injuries or concerns, and ideally are used to attending other types of general fitness classes (gym, dance etc), you can jump straight into a group class.

Absolutely! Pilates is used to help with rehabilitation.
The Initial Consultation, included in the Introductory Offer is a must for you so that we can assess your needs and get you on the right track. Depending on your injury this could mean continuing Private Sessions and eventually our online group classes if that's where you would like to go.

I highly recommend private sessions for pregnancy. Your health and the health of your baby is of utmost importance.  Your body will need different things throughout each stage of your pregnancy and your needs on the day will be safely and effectively addressed in these sessions.

Bring clean socks, a towel and a water bottle to keep you hydrated during your session.

Yes, you can! If you are injury-free and have a basic level of fitness. Group classes can be challenging and move relatively quickly, but if you are accustomed to exercising you will get started right away. 
Online group sessions are not suitable for pregnancy, osteoporosis, pelvic floor conditions, or any current injuries that require movement modification. All of these can be accommodated in Private Sessions.

Comfortable clothes that you can move easily in – your regular gym gear is ideal.

Yes, there is plenty of on-street parking.

There is a toilet and somewhere for you to change, filtered water is available and we can change the temperature to suit your needs.


Your health and wellbeing is my top priority when in my care, it always has been for your body and mind and now includes protecting you from COVID19.

We provide the following amenities for us all to take the necessary precautions:

  • hand washing facilities with soap
  • single-use paper towels to dry your hands
  • tissues to cough or sneeze into
  • hand sanitiser, please use after coughing or sneezing or touching your face

All facilities are well ventilated, we can keep an outside and inside door open in our studio and you are more than welcome to wear a mask and I can wear a mask at your request, no problem at all.

Please stay at home if you are sick, one of the benefits of having private and semi-private sessions is that we can be flexible to suit your needs. For your information please see our cancellation policy here.

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